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FIRST: Give hydrogen peroxide
to induce vomiting.

1 teaspoon
per 5 pounds
body weight

Repeat and give more if dog does not vomit within 5 to 8 minutes.

You will need to
force it down

using a syringe or something similar, like a turkey baster.

SECOND: After your dog vomits, give your dog vodka, gin, or other hard liquor such as Peppermint Schnaps every hour until you can get your dog to the vet.

1 oz - lg dogs
1/2 oz - sml dogs

If you don't have hard liquor in your home, get it from a neighbor, even if you have to wake someone up.

The alcohol ties up most of the ethylene glycol in antifreeze so it doesn’t precipitate into the kidneys.

THIRD: Call the vet and take your dog in right away.

If you think there is EVEN THE SLIGHEST POSSIBILITY your dog ingested antifreeze, don't take any chances, because, if you don't do emergency treatment because you think your dog seems to be getting a little better,
YOUR DOG WILL DIE from kidney failure.


antifreeze begins
to crystalize in the kidneys; then
there is NOTHING
and NO ONE is
capable of saving your dog's life.
It's just too late.

Yes, a vet might be able to delay your dog's death for a short time through use of dialysis (for lots of $), but it won't change the fatal consequences.

So, if you're not sure about the antifreeze, it is way better to be safe than sorry.

Hydrogen peroxide
& alcohol at
stated doses
is not
harmful to your dog.

Antifreeze is certain death.

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Jack Russell Terriers text

GUARANTEED in writing for
Health & JRTCA Quality

JRT tail wagging
Healthy & gorgeous, from purebred JRTC registered parents.

We are not kennel or puppy mill breeders. We're just crazy about JRT's.
Our pups are born in our home, sit and watch TV with us on the sofa,
receive constant affection & the highest quality nutrition.

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3 girls:
Jack Russell girl puppy   Jack Russell female puppy
girl Jack Russell puppy   girl Jack Russell puppy


3 girls:
girl Jack Russell pups
Jack Russell female puppy   Jack Russell girl puppy
girl Jack Russell puppy   girl Jack Russell puppy  

2 boys:   
Jack Russell male puppy   Jack Russell boy puppy
boy Jack Russell pup   male Jack Russell pup

RESERVE a pup of your choice with a $100 REFUNDABLE deposit.

You may return your pup within 10 days, for any reason,
and receive full refund. If you return your pup after 10 days,
we will resell your pup and refund your purchase price.
Sometimes this can happen because, for example, it is discovered
that someone in the family is allergic to dogs, or an existing pet
does not get along with the new puppy.

We are located in Central Coast, CA

Email: donsmolka@exede.net

or call (831) 623-0680

father Dino so proud of his pups
Skip-N-Chase DINERO "Dino"- Dad
grandmother Marley
grandmother Cody Creek Marley

Dino's father Legendary Scamper
Bette, Dino's Mom
Dino's mother Fox Island Bette
Balto fly catching a ball
grandfather Balto . . . paw print button
best fly ball catcher!

Our puppies are home grown, raised with love & TLC . . . in our house - not kennel/cage raised. They are healthy, happy,
very sociable pups with top bloodlines. Our pups & their
parents eat the best quality lamb & rice dog food.

We offer the highest quality pups (health, personality, pedigree lines)
for "backyard breeder" prices only to people who can provide a good home.
Our JRT's are the high quality desired for serious show & racing
competition that most other breeders sell for much higher prices. Our
puppies are Parson Jack Russell Terriers, long-legged, purebred Jack
Russells, whose parents are JRTCA registered.

girl with Jack Russell puppy    girl holding Jack Russell pup

GUARANTEE: If you decide your JRT is not the right match for
you/your family, we will within 10 days, we will refund your money.
After 10 days or longer, we will resell your pup, at no charge to
you, and refund your money.
WE ALSO GUARANTEE your pup will qualify for JRTCA registration
when he or she reaches one year of age.

JRT's are guard dogs who never fail to bark like crazy if a stranger
comes on "their territory; they're not big enough to be man stoppers
-- but THEY ARE definitely unbelievably fast mouse and varmint stoppers.

See bottom of page for more information about Jacks.

We are located in San Juan Bautista, California (Central Coast)
Questions? More Information? Don't hesitate to call or email

Don & Laura ~     1-831-623-0680
email: donsmolka@exede.net

VIDEOS: Jack Russells Extreme Skateboarding

VIDEOS: Teaching Your JRT to Skateboard

VIDEOS: Jack Russells Surfing


The Jack Russell Terrier is a happy, energetic dog breed. They are small in size, but their attitude and strength says otherwise. Jack Russells are extremely alert, bold and loyal. They have amusing personalities and their cleverness will astound you.

Jack Russell Terriers make a great companion, becoming extremely loyal to their owner(s) and insist on entertaining everyone. They also require much affection and attention, as well as firm boundaries. The Jack Russell has won the hearts of many dog lovers all over the world.

The Jack Russell Terrier is extremely friendly, playful and boisterous. They have remarkable intelligence, and require the proper dominance training. In fact, their intelligence, while one of their more favorable characteristics, can also make them difficult to control at times.

Being a terrier, Jacks naturally enjoy the great outdoors, and love to hunt. However, they also love to play games inside, and are just as happy playing fetch as they would be chasing after a squirrel.

Due to their limitless energy, the Jack Russell Terrier can be a handful, and this is another reason why properly training the JRT is an absolute must. Furthermore, although they have a gentle and friendly temperament, they will not tolerate any abuse, even that which is unintentional, from children. Jacks enjoy playing with children, but the child needs to understand how to play with the dog. For this reason, a Jack Russell Terrier is not recommended for families with young children under the age of six


The Jack Russell is a happy, bold, energetic dog; they are extremely loyal, intelligent, assertive, and entertaining. Their greatest attribute is their working ability, closely followed by their excellent qualities as a companion. The unique personality of this feisty terrier is rapidly gaining popularity, but they are not a dog for everyone, especially first time dog owners. While adaptable to a variety of environments, they are first and foremost bred to hunt.

These dogs come in three different coat types; smooth, broken, and rough. All coats shed, however, the hairs are heavy and do not tend to float around. Jack Russells are adaptable to most climates, and usually handle the cold fine, although some dogs will need a dog blanket or sweater if it is really cold.

The color of the coat must be at least 51% white, or all white. Black and/or tan markings are very common. Height can be between 10" and 15", with a proportionate body length.

For showing purposes, Jack Russell terriers are classified in two groups, 10" to 12 1/2", and over 12 1/2" to 15". They should be compact and balanced, always in solid, hard condition, while also being supple and flexible. Jack Russells have a short, upright tail, about 4" long. Within three days of birth, the front dewclaws are removed and the tail is cropped to result in an adult tail just long enough for a human hand to grab and pull the Jack out of a fox hole. Our pups' tails are cropped by a veterinarian, and with the additional cost to us for anesthetic pain blockers.


Jack Russells have been around for about 200 years and originated in southern England. The Jack Russell Terrier was bred for fox hunting, particularly the European red foxes as Jacks could also hunt them underground.

The official name of the Jack Russell Terrier is the Parson Russell Terrier. Their official name came from Reverend John Russell, a famous British huntsman who was renowned for his use of terriers for his passion of fox hunting. The Reverend received the nickname “The Sporting Parson”. That is how his terriers that he bred earned the name Parson Russells.

The Parson Russell Terrier has several distinctions that make them a cut above the average terrier. He has a compact chest that is long and flexible, a strong muzzle and head to hold the fox, and lengthy legs that allow him to keep up with hounds on the hunt. Today’s Jack Russell Terrier is a credit to his origin, and the hunting instinct is well inbred into his nature.


Who are the television Jack Russell Terriers?

"Eddie" on the television show Frasier. He is a rough coat.

"Milo" from the movie "The Mask" is a smooth coat. The puppy in the RCA commercial. "Barkley" from the movie "Clean Slate" with Dana Carvey. More recent has been a terrier in an MCI commercial. Also, the Nissan commercial has a JRT in it, and there is a pizza commercial where a JRT and a shaggy dog lick sauce off a giggling child's face.

The PBS show "Wishbone" features the JRT Wishbone.

Are Jack Russell Terriers as energetic as they seem?

Jack Russell Terriers are very energetic dogs, with a big need for regular exercise. They are working dogs, and need to have a job, whether it be keeping your yard free of rodents (digging is normal and common, since they are bred to dig after quarry),

chasing a ball, or going for a run or long walk with its owner. Sitting alone on the couch peacefully all day is not in a Jack Russell's agenda. They require more of a time commitment than some breeds.

Will a Jack Russell be happy in an apartment situation?

Given the exercise requirements of the Jack Russell, a home with a large, fenced yard is more appropriate. Until they reach old age, they do not take well to inactive, sedentary lifestyles. However, if you are at home during the day or are able to provide regular exercise, it may work. They need a 5-6 foot high fence, since they are known to jump, climb, and even dig under fences. Many of the Jack Russells in the Rescue are there because the owner underestimated the attention requirements of the terrier.

Will a Jack Russell Terrier get along with my cat, other pets, and children?

Cats and other small pets (rodents) will usually not work with a Jack Russell because these dogs are first and foremost hunting dogs. They see the cat or hamster/rat/guinea pig as prey (quarry). This is not true for all Jack Russells, and if brought into the household as a pup, most could be trained to live with a cat.


Jack Russells will not put up with abusive behavior from a child, and may react defensively if a crawling or toddling child makes growling sounds or grabs the dog's toys or treats. This should be carefully considered, particularly with children under six.

Are Jack Russell Terriers aggressive?

They can be very territorial and aggressive with other dogs, and it is rare that two same-sex adult JRT's, who have not been spayed / neutered, will get along with each other. Of course, a male and female pair get along with each other regardless of status.


Traditionally, the Jack Russell Terrier trial is made up of three divisions: conformation, go-to-ground, and racing. Obedience, agility, and search 'n' sniff are also being included more often in these events.

Conformation classes are judged much like any other dog show. The winner is the dog that most closely matches the breed standard. In addition to conformation and movement, the dog is judged on temperament; as in all things having to do with Jack Russells, the best working dog is being sought.

Go-to-Ground consists of wooden liners placed in a trench dug in the ground. They are made to resemble as closely as possible natural earth where a dog might encounter fox or other prey. At the end of the course is a cage with two or three rats. The terrier is judged on how quickly it gets to the liners and finds the rats, and on how it "worries" its quarry. The judge wants to see the Jack Russell bark, growl, dig, and whine.

The Racing division is probably what first attracts and most excites both terriers and owner at these trials. A sanctioned track is at least 150 feet long, and is a straight course (sometimes with jumps added) with a starting box at one end and a stack of hay bales with a hole in the middle (the finish line) at the other. A lure (usually a piece of scented fur) is attached to a piece of string that is pulled along by a generator. The dogs are muzzled for safety because of the excitement. The first dog through the hole in the hay bales is the winner--and the winner, despite the impediment of the muzzle, usually has the lure clamped firmly between its teeth.


You can start race training your terrier in your own back yard. The idea is to get them used to chasing a lure so that when they are in a real race, they will know what to do. You can use the following items to perform the training:

STRINGt and LURE: Tie a piece of fur (a sock will work also) to a 20 foot piece of string.

RACING MUZZLE: To get your terrier used to wearing one
Tease the terrier with the fur (to get its attention).
Run away from your terrier with the lure trailing behind you.
Let your terrier catch the fur so that it will be a satisfying experience for it. Repeat these steps several times.

Hurdles: Build simple hurdles from inexpensive PVC piping. Drag the lure over the hurdle to get your terrier to jump. It works!

The best practice for racing is to actually run your terrier in a real race (i.e., with other terriers, muzzles, spectators, etc.). Attend a "JRT Fun Day" for good practice.

Start your terrier racing at a young age (4 months). Don't let them race over large hurdles since their joints are still growing!

Don't let your terrier overheat.


Use a "softie" muzzle or a basket muzzle; mickey and figure-eight muzzles are illegal as the terriers are unable to breathe properly.


Practice makes perfect - rarely does a first time racing terrier do well. Normally they either sit in the starting box, play with their muzzle, or run the wrong direction. Don't quit after the first failure. Jack Russells are smart and catch on quickly.

At Jack Russell terrier races the dogs run after a scented lure to a 'wall' (usually made of straw bales or something) where there is a small hole that's big enough for only one dog to go through. The first to the wall isn't necessarily the first through the hole and sometimes the dogs get a little competitive.

If your terrier starts a fight, work to stop this behavior immediately. Fighting terriers are dismissed since they can disrupt the outcome of the race and are a danger to the other terriers and the catchers.

Cool down your terrier after each race (some owners will "dunk" their terriers in a large barrel of water after each race). You can use a mist spray bottle and offer your terrier plenty of water.

* The Jack Russell Terrier -- An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet by Catharine Romaine Brown.

* The Complete Jack Russell Terrier, by Brian Plummer. Great book on hunting with JRTs, with training tips and more.

* The Making of the Parson Jack Russell Terrier, written by Jean & Frank Jackson and published in England.

The JRTCA has a bi-monthly newsletter called TRUE GRIT, 80-100 pages of information, including updates on what is happening in the Club and with JRT's worldwide; articles on training, health, breeding, and general interest. It also contains poems, humorous stories, and advice, as well as listings of JRT trials throughout the country and shops which carry JRT items. The newsletter is available free with a JRTCA membership.


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