Over the years, I have acquired so many Lipizzan treasures and I don't have enough wall and shelf space for all of them. Yes. . . I'm Lipizzan crazy. So, I'm selling some of my Lipizzaner collectables, and I want to give my Lipizzan friends "first dibbs."

If you're not happy with what you bought (for any reason), I will refund your full purchase price - no questions asked. I can accept PayPal to my email address . . . or you may send a money order or check.

If there is an item that you "just have to have," and you're short on $ this month, let me know and we will figure out some sort of "lay away" plan.

Have fun looking, and thanks for visiting!



Handpainted Porcelain Lipizzaner

Handpainted w/ incredible detail.
High quality porcelain
from Germany. Beautiful . . . absolutely stunning!
26 cm (10.24 in) tall, 22 cm (8.6 in) long

$200 (plus insured shipping)


Vintage Keramos PorcelainLipizzan

    Keramos hallmark on bottomside: 

This porcelain Lipizzaner is a muscular, imposing
12-in tall stallion
in perfect condition,
probably defending his mares.

$150 (plus insured shipping)


Keramos Porcelain Lipizzaner Stallion - SOLD


This fine quality Keramos porcelain Lipizzan is
inches tall and performing a perfect 45 degree levade.

As you can see, his onlyimperfection is the missing tip on his right ear.
His injured ear is really not noticeable,especially if you display
him w/ his best ear to theforefont.

$90 (plus insured shipping)


2 Vintage Riedinger Framed Lipizzan Prints



Dimensions: 15" w x 18" h
    Print size: 6.5" w x 9" h
(Glass not included - broken during transit from Austria)

$85 for both (plus shipping)


Vintage Riedinger Lipizzan Prints - SOLD



Overall dimensions: 17" wx 20" h
Print dimensions (excluding border): 6.7" wx 9.7"h

$155 for all four (plus shipping)


Thanks for visiting!

Email:  lipizzan2@gmail.com

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