Turturici-Cancilla Family
and extended familia




My Dad & Mom, Jess Salmon and Vincetta Turturici
Wedding photograph: 18 August 1945

My Mom's half sister, Jane Santina Turturici Gibbs, 18 August 1945

My Mom's half brother Thomas Joseph Hilary Turner (nee Turturici), his wife Pat and their children, fron left to right back: Kevin & Joe; left to right front: Maureen, Kathleen & Rob

Jane's oldest daughter Margie Gibbs Morris, with husband Tom, children Wendy and Jason

Tom & Pat (about 2005)

My mother's uncle Ed (Ignatius) Turturici, Born 1906 in California, passed away in 1977 in San Carlos CA. Ed's wife was Marianne Piazza.

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