Whisnant Family


Lusissis Whistnant


born: 1841 Cherokee Co, AL
died: November 1929

Burial: Blue Springs Cemetery, Gideon, OK (has no marker; turn left on the hill)

Her name is actually spelled: Lucntia. Her family was from Liechtenstein

She married Jasper Holland.

Jasper J. Holland

born: 1840 Barbour Co AL
died: 1873 Ft. Worth, Tarant Co TX

Jasper died from pneumonia; Lusissis was 32 and Charlie was 9.

Lusissis said Jasper “came to her one night, held her hand,” and asked her to promise never to marry again. She never remarried.


Charlie 12/9/1968
Rosa Lee “Rosie”
Louella 1872-1875

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Rosa Lee Holland

born: 1/7/1875 Nacogdoches TX
died: 7/12/1950 Corona CA
burial: Greenhill Cemetery, Lindsay OK

Rosa Lee married William Mack Woodward.

13 Children: Tom 11-5-1894 LA, Annie Leolia 12/7/1895 Bienville Parish, Lillie Lee & Luda Mae 2-11-1898 (Luda died 1918 flu epidemic), Lona 5/6/1900, John 9/6/1901, Bill (Willie) 11/9/1903, Sadie, Roy & Robbie twins 3/26/1908 (Robbie died) Elouise 1/4/1911 Lindsay OK, Iva Inez 1/22/1913, Rose 4/28/1915 Chickasaw OK

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Whisnant Surname


Origin and meaning of the Name

The origin of our family name is Switzerland. The oldest known document bearing the family name is in the national archives at Lausanne, Switzerland. It is dated 1242 A.D., and was a written agreement between two people. In the agreement, "P son of Wion Visinant" is listed as a witness to the agreement.

I was told by the archivist in Lausanne that the name means "neighbor".
The name is still used today in Switzerland, but is currently spelled there as "Visinand".

When the Visinand family arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1731, aboard the ship Snow Lowther, they signed the ship log as "Vissnant".

Shortly thereafter the name was changed to Whisenhunt. Thus began the first of many family name changes by various family groups. We have found over 80 variations in the spelling of the name since 1731.

Today, you'll find that most of the family members spell the name either as Whisnant, Whisenant, Whisenhunt, Whisnand, Whisonant, Whisenand, Whisante, or Visinand.

Some spelling variations of our family name

Our Whisnant ancestors have lived in the United States for over 250 years now. In that time, there have been many variations on the spelling of family name. I have listed the most common variations below. If you fail to find your ancestors under the surname you think they should be listed under, look under the other spellings. The name most commonly used is listed first, followed by the next most common, etc.

Popular variations

• Whisnant
• Whisenhunt
• Whisenand
• Whisonant
• Whisnand
• Whisennand
• Whisante
• Visinand

By the way, in Switzerland they pronounce "Visinand" with a silent "d" at the end of the name. To me it sound like they're saying "Visi-no", short "o".

Here's a wave file of me trying to pronouncing the name the way they do in Switzerland. www.raymondwhisnant.com/visinand.wav







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