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At this time (summer 2008) we have only two fillies for sale. We offer the best quality Lipizzans
to only discriminating buyers who are a match
and who can offer the almost perfect home.
See our guarantees at bottom of page.)

To receive a free video, mail $10 refundable deposit* to:
Laura Wiener-Smolka
PO Box 953
San Juan Bautista, CA 95045
Paypal $10 to lipizzan2@gmail.com and email:
lipizzan2@gmail.com, to let us know you sent it via PayPal. Thanks!

* A deposit for the video is request, as many years experience has taught us that, if there was no deposit charge, we would be copying and mailing out hundreds of videos/DVD's each month to those who love horses and especially Lipizzans, but unfortunately are not able to shop for one. We hope you understand.


born Friday, the 13th, of JUNE 2008 - more about her soon.

View/Download Jolena's Video

born August 6, 2007

Out of the Lipizzan mare Quientessa, from Piber imported bloodlines, and by Maestoso II Favoressa V (Fabian), an incredibly gorgeous, well-conformed, good moving, sweet-tempered stallion with Favory Mara lines.

Pedigree of Quitania's sire: Maestoso II Favoressa V
Pedigree of Quitania's dam: Quientessa
$8500 to loving, responsible owners w/ safe facilities
View/Download Video of Quitania

OR see it on YouTube - faster loading


born July 20, 2007

Stunning Lipizzan filly out of the mare FABIANA, full sister to Maestoso II Favoressa V, son of "Smokey" Maestoso II Sabrina, and by the stallion MAESTOSO QUIENTESSA (Raflyn Farms Calcedona line and famous Piber lines on her Quientessa side). $8500

Pedigree of Faviana's sire: Maestoso Quientessa
Pedigree of Faviana's dam: Fabiana

gorgeous Lipizzan filly
born May 20, 2006.

See Video of Quianna

Quianna is out of the Lipizzan mare Quintessa, whose sire is C. Gradita from the well known and incredible old PIBER breeding and performancelines, C. Valdamora, C. Montebella, P. Theodorosta),
and her sire is Maestoso II Favoressa V (Fabian) an incredibly gorgeous, well-conformed, good moving, sweet-tempered stallion out of Favoressa (Favory Mara line) and Maestoso II Sabrina (Smokey).


Stunning Lipizzan filly, copper penney red bay (carries the bay gene), gorgeous/stunning elevated gaits, very baroque, about 15 hands, beautiful face and neck, incredibly intelligent and unexplained knowledge of humans, lots of presence, good mother of her firstborn, a gorgeous filly (sold as a yearling).

GinaLola is sired by Maestoso Alberta (Raflyn Farms sire, Maestoso Calcedona)and is out of the beautiful mare Jezzabella, who was sired by Siglavy Sagana and out of Jessica II).
GinaLola is a great grandaughter of Smokey - Maestoso II Sabrina, which means she is not only going to be a stunning and competitive horse, but also the BEST for line breeding for Smokey's incredible qualities which are proven over the past 24 years.

born June 27, 2002. Going well under saddle. She is tall*, elegant, gorgeous floaty trot, beautiful face, good temperament, excellent conformation. Maestoso II Sabrina is her sire and (deceased) Favoressa is her dam (Favory Mara line). She is the full sister to one of our young breeding stallions and full sister to Fabiana, her older (and smaller) sister who will be a riding horse for our grandchildren.
* "Lipizzan tall"

is under saddle, going beautifully.
She was started by Ray Berta of Carmel Valley. She has elegant, lovely smooth gaits, correct conformation, and a sensitive soul.

Altamora is the daughter of Maestoso II Sabrina out of the mare Alberta (Neapolitana Fantastica line). Her name comes from Italian words for highestlove. She is dressage and breeding quality. Born August 17, 1997.

Thank you for visiting. If you are looking for a Lipizzan for your lifetime, ultimate riding horse, you are on the right track. We hope you are able to find the horse of your dream who will meet your expectations, goals, and fantasies. We always match the right horse to the right rider/owner. We won't sell you a Lipizzan horse that we don't think is a match. You can trust us to be evaluative and honest. My reputation as a reputable Lipizzan breeder/seller goes back over twenty years. You can count on honesty, fairness, and top quality hores.

We accept payment terms to good homes, responsible owners, and if the horse is insured. We also provide prepurchase exams (your choice of veterinarian) on video so you can watch the entire, unedited video, and talk to the veterinarian over the phone if you have any questions. Purchases made by video have 90-day money back guarantee (you pay transportation and the horse is returned healthy). All babies are trailer trained to travel safely before they leave the ranch.

We also board fillies & geldings purchased from us for $250/month (no labor costs and noprofit to us -- just direct, actual costs), ~ BOARD INCLUDES: good quality alfalfa & oat hay, farrier care, vaccinations & wormings, for up to 2 years.

Why do we do this? Because we breed Lipizzan horses because we love and believe in the breed and truly want our clients to be able to choose the horse that is best for them without worrying about how much it costs to board while waiting for the Lipizzan to "grow up" even if it means two years.
If you purchase a stud cold, we will board stallions until they are two years of age, but you may need to purchase portable six-foot pipe corral fencing (at least 24x48) for the colt or pay more board to cover our cost for purchasing six-foot pipe corral. Stud colts get turnout at least twice a week. It is possible that a young stud cold could be put in pasture with 2 or 3 pregnant brood mares. This works out very well because the mares are excellent at teaching the stud colts good, respectful manners.

We have never seen this guarantee elsewhere in the "horse biz" but it is OUR guarantee: If you purchase a Lipizzan horse from us and it ever becomes necessary for you to sell your Lipizzan, we will use all our resources, as an established, reputable 25-year breeder of Lipizzan horses (amongst the first 3-5 in the U.S.), and top search engine rankings for our website (which has been on the Internet for at least 12 years) to help you find the RIGHT home for only our direct costs (phone charges, copy charges, postage, video tapes, etc.)

... NO COMMISSION OR FEES. Guaranteed !

Our focus is to match the right owner to the right Lipizzan and continue building our business based on trust and referrals from very satisfied clients . . . who, ultimately, become part of the "family" of owners of Smokey's descendants.

Best !!
Laura Wiener-Smolka

25-year long Lipizzan lover and breeder.

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